13 Jun

NewbQuest Ep.4: Richard Flanagan, Game Designer of Fract OSC

In this episode we interview game designer Richard Flanagan who is a member of the team who created FRACT OSC.  FRACT is a musical puzzle exploration game for Mac and PC. FRACT is best imagined by asking: what if Myst and Tron had a baby that was a giant synthesizer you could wander around in? If that sounds awesome to you, you’ll really enjoy it.

For those interested in music and sound technology, particularly real time synthesis, the project is very interesting.  The musical puzzles in the game combine pre-recorded music tracks with real time subtractive synthesizer sounds powered by Miller S. Puckette’s Pure Data (or PD) sound generation environment.  This is an area of real time sound and music generation that I’ve been very interested to see pursued further in games and so was delighted to talk to Richard about it, along with the larger process of developing FRACT OSC.

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To learn more about Richard Flanagan and FRACT OSC head over to FractGame.com.  If you enjoyed the interview the best way to support him and his team is to buy the game on steam.

17 Oct

Newbquest Developer Blog 2: Game Design and Music Sample

Trying to keep the rhythm of posting something every day or at least every day I work on the project.  Today was a long day at work so I am sharing a short piece of music and a game design document I created in Xmind.  Xmind is a cool, free mind mapping / flow chart tool which you can download here.  I enjoy it for this type of project design work and you might too.

Was this interesting at all? Not sure if this type of non-unity focused content is interesting or useful for anyone but I’m still figuring out the format here. Thanks for checking it out!