The NewbQuest project is an experiment in public learning. ┬áThe subject I’m trying to learn is how to make video games. ┬áThe theory that I’m trying to test is that by blogging about and sharing my progress towards my goals that it will help me to achieve them and help other people who are in the same boat I am in.

A little bit about me:

Hi, I’m Matt. I am teaching myself game design on the internet. I’m currently focused on learning Unity and programming in C#. Outside of the gaming world I make beats and DJ, have released several albums, have toured all over the USA and Europe and teach people how to make music for a living.

I love to write, think and design systems. This passion is what brought me to want to design games.

I also love connecting with people at all levels of experience in the games field, if you’d like to chat feel free to hit me up on Twitter at @mattmirrorfish.

I’ve also got some game related music on Soundcloud, feel free to check that out as well.


  • charlie.helinski

    I liked Pollen: Polly a lot.
    Here is some of my design illustration>
    I am in Manhattan. Let’s meet.


  • charlie

    oops, that’s

  • shimo

    Always is great to find people out there, people who likes and has the same passion like you! I love make games it is my life and of course I would love to able connecting with others developers like you as well.